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The Marines

Important Announcement! Affiliation and Event!

Hello everyone! The mods of mallowmateys are pleased to announce we are now affiliated with ubau, a multifandom Fatal Frame II-based roleplay! Please feel free to mosey on over and take a look at their game!

Additionally, the mods of ubau have arranged for a special treat for members of mallowmateys...

It looks like Minakami Village is getting lonely, with Valentine's Day getting closer. Lunar New Year preparations are already getting off to a good start, the village thinks.

But it's so...lonely. None of these living beings ever do what the village wants.

It's probably time to bring in some more beings and let them experience the horror which forms the beauty of Minakami Village...
That's right, ubau will be hosting a Fourth Wall Event of sorts, and members of mallowmateys are cordially invited to attend to help make it a success! The event will run from February 10th through the 17th and you are all invited to bring any of your characters over to ubau to play along. Now of course, anything that happens to your characters over there will not be remembered once they leave or incorporated into MM canon, however, your characters and anything they affect will have a lasting effect on ubau continuity.

Here are a few links with some information about ubau:

Demon Data Book:
Life in Minakami:

If anyone has any questions about this event, please ask them here in this post. The mods from ubau will be watching to answer any questions and explain more in-depth if need be.

We hope everyone can have fun together! :]
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