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I believe it is important that I get around to asking that question that can bring both praise and ridicule.  I feel like I'm somewhat spreading myself too thin by taking on three characters so I want to know if anyone has noticed me not entirely being in character with some of my characters, or whether I need to post more.  And knowing which characters I play the best also helps me decide which character I could safely drop or which ones I need to work harder with.  I also know it can be a lot harder to critique the in character part if you haven't seen the show, and if that's the case you can just tell me whether I need to get a certain character out there more.  So without further ado, I pose to you my question.

How's My Driving?

Characters I play:




Edit: This is the first time I've done one of these types of posts so I apologize if it's not perfect >_>
Edit 2: There were some problems with the anon but I fixed it now.
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