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Taken Characters

Taken Characters

Updated: 06/24/10

Here are the characters already in the game. Characters that have been applied for are indicated in italics:

From Air Gear
Wanijima Akito/Agito [twofacedshark]

From Blood +
Mui [hoahongmauxan]

From D.Gray-Man
Allen Walker [stareye_allen]
Lala [letmesingasong]
Miranda Lotto [time_exorcist]

From Dead Like Me
George Lass [deadgirldropout]

From Death Note
Halle "Lidner" Bullock [perusalsleuth]
Mail Jeevas (Matt) [3rdprodigy]
Mihael Kheel (Mello) [chocogun]

From Devil May Cry
Nevan [redlipsofdeath]

From Durarara!!
Mikado Ryuugamine [mikadoryuugamin]

From Fairy Tail
Levi McGarden [vocabulous]

From Fullmetal Alchemist
Edward Elric [full_metalelric]
Lust [ultimate_spear]
Riza Hawkeye [queenchesspiece]

From Gintama
Okita Sougo [sadisticprodigy]

From Heart no Kuni no Alice
Alice Liddell [fallen_to_love]
Peter White - The White Rabbit [imnotlate]

From Hetalia Axis Powers
Belarus (Natalia Arlovskaya) [russianbelle]
Greece (Heracles Karpusi) [nothercules]
Holland / the Netherlands [tenderlands]
Russia (Ivan Braginski) [tothekolkhoz]
Spain (Antonio Fernandez-Carriedo) [pasodoble]
Taiwan [lu_dao_gu_niang]
Vietnam [dawnlotus]

From Katekyo Hitman REBORN!
Gokudera Hayato [bakudan_shounen]
Reborn [chameleongun]
Sawada Tsunayoshi "Tsuna" [captain_dame]
Yamamoto Takeshi [rainofvongola]

From Kiki's Delivery Service
Kiki [deliveringkiki]

From Kingdom Hearts
Roxas [key_destination]
Sora [energizedskies]

From Le Portrait de Petit Cossette
Cossette d'Auvergne [lebeauportrait]

From Lupin III
Ishikawa Goemon XIII [ishikawa_juusan]

From Melty Blood
Riesbyfe Stridberg [intheknightmare]

From Michiko to Hatchin
Michiko Malandro [garotamalandro]

From One Piece
Monkey D. Luffy [rubberfist]
Nami [namiwashere]
Nefertari Vivi [regal_azure]
Nico Robin [history_pirate]
Rob Lucci [black_hat_cat]
Roronoa Zoro [strayswordsman]
Sanji [serving_love]
Usopp [warriorothesea]

From Ouran High School Host Club
Houshakuji Renge [moemoe_love]

From Percy Jackson and the Olympians
Percy Jackson [sonoftheseadog]

From Resident Evil: Outbreak
Kevin Ryman [stars_reject]

From The Road to El Dorado
Chel [goldenchel]
Tulio [needs_a_plan]

From Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei
Otonashi Meru [hazukashigariya]

From Skies of Arcadia
Gilder [roguegunman]

From Soul Eater
Death the Kid [8deathtaed8]

From Tenjho Tenge
Aya Natsume [dragonaya]

From Wicked
Elphaba Thropp [thedelirious]
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