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The Marines

Application Process

So you want to sail the high seas?  Here's how to join!

Step 1:
  • Create a livejournal account for the character you wish to play.
Step 2:
  • E-mail with "Application" as the subject line
  • In the e-mail include these things:
    • Your Name/Nickname:
    • Age ( Be honest, please no one under 16 ):
    • Personal livejournal:
    • Preferred e-mail address:
    • Contact ( AIM/MSN/Y!IM ):
    • Character you are applying for:
    • Character's livejournal:
    • Fandom:
    • If applicable, what other characters do you already play in this game?:
    • Character Personality/History  (Please do not link to any wiki pages or copy/paste. All we ask for is a short paragraph on your character's personality and maybe a little history just so we can see if you have a good grasp on them. Keep in mind that the mods may ask you to expand on anything you might write down in case we don't feel you have a good grasp on the character you're applying for.):
    • Give us an in-character sample of something this character would update their journal with (first-person only; no third-person or fanfiction samples please, make sure the sample provided is AT LEAST 100 words in length. This is now a requirement for all applicants, not just new ones.):
    • Possible Plans (There are many things a character can be here on the Grand Line and we would like you to put some thought behind what you may like to do with your character once they arrive. Will they be a pirate or a Marine? Perhaps a merchant out at sea or someone who has a steady and comfortable living on one of the hundreds of islands scattered around the world. Give us a few sentences with any ideas of what you might like to do with us here on the GL. Keep in mind that whatever you say here isn't set in stone; you're free to do as you like upon acceptance. Nor will we be choosing who we accept based on what you write here. Think of this more as a chance to brainstorm a little, because the mods would just like everyone who applies to take these thoughts into consideration.):
  • Wait for more instructions via e-mail!  You should expect to hear from us soon (we accept applications as they come in).
  • We reserve the right to reject anyone for suspicious content, poor use of the English language, questionable grasp of the character or any incomplete applications.
  • PLEASE NOTE!  Having a character already in-game is no longer grounds for automatic acceptance.
Step 3:
  • In the mean time, read The Rules about getting started.
  • IMPORTANT!  Do not ask to join the community with your character journal until you have received the acceptance e-mail from us.
Step 4:
  • Have fun!
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